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Closed ticket access for Agents


When I enable the option "Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets" for an agent account he cannot see his closed tickets. I want to enable all agents to see their closed tickets. I am using osTicket v1.10. Can anyone please help me how to achieve this by customizing the code. I am new to coding. There is some custom code available for v1.9.x but not for v1.10.


  • So then why wouldn't you just disable "Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets"?
  • If I uncheck "Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets" the agent can see all the closed tickets of other agents. I don't want the agent to see all closed tickets except his/her closed tickets.
  • The only way that I can think of that you would be able to do this is to setup a department for each agent, and then route (assign) all the tickets to that specific Agent's department.
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