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Shared Mailbox O365 - IMAP-Email-Fetching possible?

Hello all,

I have question concerning shared-mailboxes from office365:
Is it possible to create and fetch (read) a shared mailbox from O365?

I have problems.... error-message: "Can not authenticate to IMAP server". But I also read, that it's impossible to create and read from a shared-mailbox at osticket.

Thank you very much for help.



  • In the screenshot you can see an example of my imap-settings.
  • You cannot use a shared mailbox with osTicket at this time.  You have to have your own dedicated email address for the server to query,
  • Thanks for your answer! Bad news for me. :-(

  • Very welcome. 
  • Hello ntozier.

    Do you have any idea if this functionatlity (fetching mail from Office365 shared mailbox via IMAP/POP) will be available soon ?
    Maybe in a mod ?
    Or perhaps just in future releases .... :(

    Thank you very much.
  • There is possibly a way that you could do it... I have not tried these settings myself in osTicket, but I do use them on my iPhone to access a shared account. I actually got these from a post here in the forums, but I don't seem to have it bookmarked, but here is the just of what it said:

    MS doesn't seem to broadcast the feature but the
    procedure works. I use it on my mobile to pull shared mailboxes:

  <-- user
    account <--shared


    IMAP settings:




    password: <user's

    IMAP server:

    security type: SSL

    port: 993


    SMTP settings:


    SMTP server:

    security type: TLS

    port: 587

    smtp UN:

    smtp PW: <user's



    Note that the SMTP
    server is not as suggested on the MS site. When you
    setup a normal office365 IMAP account you'd use for the SMTP
    server but when you setup a shared mailbox you use the above procedure. What
    I'm told is that because shared mailboxes don't have their own IMAP and SMTP
    credentials, you have to tell MS on your way in (IMAP) that you are accessing
    the shared mailbox using the user account and on the way out (SMTP) using the
    user account without reference to the shared mailbox.


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