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Can't Print

Recieving this message when we try to print

Could not find PostScript font name: /home/cv_frank/

Fresh database
Fresh Install

Followed Directions.

Any help appreciated




  • Make sure the webserver can access all those files, might be a permissions issue. Also, make sure that file is there.
  • @Gryzly

    This is a fresh install on a fresh database.

    There have been no permission changes, and nothig has been customized add/removed.

    I will of course check.

    Do you know what the permissions should be set to for this particular folder/file?

    Is this font file included in the installation? If so, how could it be missing and/or why would it be missing?

    If it isn't part of the original installation, how did it get implemented on our brand new, vanilla install of OsTicket v1.10?

    From what you posted, it seems like the installer might be messed up if it after 1 day live, the system is already generating an error , especially with such a basic function as print.

    Does anyone else have any insight? As in why this would happen? Devs?
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