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Is it possible to disable local agent authentication - only use the oAuth plugin?

Using the oauth plugin, I now have Google SSO working.

I would like my agents to only use the Google SSO and not be able to authenticate locally. Is this possible?



  • Go to Admin Panel -> Agents.
    Click on an agent.
    Change "Authentication Backend"
  • Thank you for helping out.

    Can I disable the local authentication username and password fields being displayed on the login screen at all, showing only the Google+ button?
  • I imagine that you would have to edit the login.php to do that.
  • Im looking at the login.php file and dont seem to be able to have any effect on the username and password fields.  Im using google backend also and dont have any local users.  We are a k12 public school and my teachers are constantly trying to register for accounts even though I have use google authentication links in big letters on the main sign in screen.  OSTicket was a lifesaver for us when our older support ticket system went down.



  • Try:
  • Very welcome.

    Should I close this thread?
  • Yes, please
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