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Changing ticket's department not working


When attempting to change any ticket's department, it doesn't work. For example, there is a ticket that was wrongly assigned to the 'IT Support' department and I want to change it to the 'Estates Support' department, so I edit the ticket, select 'IT Support' in the 'Ticket Details' section, and click 'Save'. However, after doing this, the ticket remains in the 'Estates Support' department and strangely the ticket's update log states "Department changed from to" i.e. changed from nothing to nothing!
There are no errors displayed in the system log and no Apache errors. Also everything else in the system works perfectly.
Also note I have tried rearranging the departments, creating a new top level department just to see if it helps etc. but no luck. Also I am the global admin.

Any idea what's going on? The following screenshots show the process described above, where I try to change the 'Lights in F8' ticket's department:




Notice (above) that the edit page suggests that it's not assigned to a department at all, despite what it says on the ticket list page.




My system's details are attached.




  • System details are as follows:
  • You don't change the department on the edit screen.  You click the Transfer button.

    My guess is that you or someone added an additional department field on the ticket that you are editing not the tickets actual Department.
  • Yes, that was it. Thank you!
  • Very welcome. :)
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