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not all emails have templates??

Is it just me or is the access-link email missing from the email template manager in admin panel?  I've found where to edit it in include\i18n\en_US\templates\page\access-link.yaml but surely there should be a front-end editor for this?


  • edited October 2017
    Only that hasn't worked!  I've edited the yaml template but my changes haven't taken effect.  Please, where do I edit this email? 
  • edited October 2017
    I've found my answer whilst trying to edit a text string on the sign-in page.  The only way to edit this particular email is directly in the database in the ost_content table.  Fun and games....

    Found it!!!   Admin > Settings > Users > Templates.  As soon as I'd given up and just changed it in the database :-X
  • So should I close this thread then?
  • yes, please do!  Thanks.
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