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Pre-fill "Issue Summary" and "Issue Details"

edited October 2017 in Mods and Customizations
I want to pre-fill the required fields "issue summary" and "Issue details" with static entries. I looked in /include/client/open.php but I do not see the fields there. What php page are these fields on?


  • Sorry - forgot to say I am on v 1.9.14. I do NOT want to upgrade to V10.  I have too many mods and customizations.   I understand that the newest version allows you to pre-fill these two fields. 
  • That version is old and I do not know how to do that.
    Also this does not appear to be a Suggestion and Feedback, moving to Mods and Customizations.
  • Old? Just one version back.  I have made hundreds of changes to the PHP code and do not want to lose them by upgrading.   Surely someone has done this?
  • Q: Old?
    A: Yes. 1.9.14 was releaseds on Jun 11, 2016 and is two versions old for the 1.9 tree as 1.9.16 is current. The 1.9 tree is the old version so to speak, and support for it will terminate once 1.11 is released.  1.10.1 is current over all, and there are 6 releases in the the 1.10 tree.  

    Q: Surely someone has done this?
    A: if they have you would likely find how to do so here on the forums.  I would recommend search.  If you do not find it then either no one has, or no one posted about it.
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