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French User Account Confirmation Email link incorrect

hi, i am working with osTicket 1.10.1 (9ae093d).

i installed osTicket in English and then also installed French as a second language.

when i apply for an account in English, everything works properly: i.e., the correct Account Confirmation page is shown and i receive an email in the correct language with the correct confirmation link.

however, when i apply for a user account in French, i get two errors:

1. the English Account Confirmation page is shown even though i have created a French one in Settings > Users > Templates > Please confirm email address page.



2. the link sent via email is prefaced by the staff control panel link, and of course, doesn't work. i.e., instead of which is shown in the email, it is prefaced by etc.


i assume this is somehow related to the French language file. i have made numerous edits to the in LC_MESSAGES in the French phar file; however, the site itself is working perfectly for the most part.

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