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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Activity stream (a.k.a. audit trail or journal)

We are migrating from freshdesk to osTicket and have really only one missing function that's causing heartburn - an "Activity Stream" function/dashboard. The pattern/flavor of our support activity is a relatively small number of tickets which tend to have significant volumes of back and forth with the customer. Our support manager needs to be able to see an audit trail/journal/activity stream in reverse chronological order to see what's happening on open tickets.

I think this may be similar to part of the suggestion made in this thread:

I've attached a screenshot of the type of thing I'm asking for; do others feel this would be useful?




  • looks like the screenshot didn't get attached to my original message
  • edited November 2017
    I'm working on a new activity stream plugin for I still have a ways to go but here is a teaser of what I have started.
  • edited November 2017
    @scottro This looks really nice ! How much will it cost?
  • Thanks! 

    Likely it will be $50 (same as Reports Plugin). It will include a lot of options as well that aren't shown here such as the ability to include/exclude any type of any entry (Show only overdue, show closed and hide "messages", etc etc.  It will also include filters so you can easily view just a particular team, dept, agent, organization, or anything else we can think up.

    Also, if anyone is interested in providing alternate styling I'd be interested to see it. I'm more of a backend programmer and more copy/paste/edit with frontend development.  Perhaps selecting different themes could be another option then as well.
  • @scottro That sound great :-) The price seems quite fair to me! Thanks for sharing the advance information.
    These functions will provide a significant added value. Please keep us informed about this neat plugin.
  • @scottro any progress ?

  • I've been beta testing it for him.  I really like how it turned out. :)  
  • That looks awesome @scottro  I can't wait :) 
  • edited January 27
    It's here!  


    @mLipok I can investigate adding an option to modify the amount of time it takes for the hover to take affect and flip the card to show the additional ticket details.

  • edited February 19
    I see here:
    that there is new inteface.

    But there is something wrong I can not filter anything.

    I would say "it does not work" or "Am I doing something wrong ?"

    I am currently quite determined to use this extension, but I see that it does not work.

    One more QUESTION:
    In testing system I look in admin panel and check osTicket version and I see:
    v1.10 (901e5ea) — v1.10.1 is available

    So I want to ask: Is it also avalaible/tested on current release ?

    I have few more question but before I ask I want to have possibilty to test this again.
  • @scottro ping.  You have a question.
  • Thanks guys, I'm looking into why this isn't working now.  When I first got to the demo site the plugin was disabled. I've enabled it but still nothing is showing up. I'll get back to you shortly.
  • Issue has been resolved and events are now showing up again.  

    Also, I just upgraded our plugin development install of osTicket to 1.10.1 and it's working fine there as well.
  • I would prefer to open ticket in new tab.
    Is it possible ?

  • Also would prefer to turn off "switching" or "switch" by some "button"

    Question: what means this all colors ?

  • @mLipok You could right click on the "Reporting" and click on open in new tab. Maybe I can add it as an option whether to open in parent tab or in a new tab.  I can also add an option for disabling the flip.

    The colors are in reference to different types.  For example, Notes are yellow and Tasks are gray.

  • Would be great.
    I already contact for some question and I think I will be interested in buying this plugin.

  • I would love to see something like this:

    Especially "TimeLine" for me is the must have feature.
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