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OSTicket on AWS > email notifications received by batches

I've been using OSTicket v1.10 (901e5ea) on OVH ( for nearly a year and we recently upgraded our server to AWS ( which has proven to work great for the last 2 months.

One of the key differences between those 2 hosting is that email notifications:
- was instant on OVH (managed server so I didn't have access to php / apache documentation)
- is delayed on AWS: notifications are received by batches. Most of batches include 30 to 50 notifications with our current usage.

I know that AWS recommends SLS for sending notifications. Is that the right path for improvement or could I verify some other part of my setup to ensure "blitz" (instant) delivery :)

Thanks in advance for your help,


  • Let me throw in additional informations here:

    The SMTP relay we are using for sending the notifications is a google apps gmail SMTP.

    Our organization runs on Google suite and therefore our mailboxes are gmail based.

    In our gmail inbox, we can see that the time emails are sent (entering the email, accessing the email header details) are right = corresponding to the times of OSTicket actions. However the 

    Our client's organization does not run GSuite though and they are reporting the same problem.

    Looks like this is solely bound to usage of Gmail SMTP. However in our experience this only happens on OSTicket since it's hosted on AWS.

  • osTicket doesn't do batch notifications, and this is not a feature in osTicket at this time.  I'm not aware of a plan to implement such a feature either.
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