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SLA Plan is not working on replyed tickets / emails


I am using version v1.10 (901e5ea)

For some reason i noticed that the SLA plan is only working on new tickets or Emails. Once there was a reply and the ticket gets reopened, then the SLA plan somehow is set to "None" within the ticket, even so everywhere (departments, default settings...) i have set an SLA plan. So what could be the reason it is somehow reset to "None" ?

Any ideas?


  • SLA works from open to close.  If a ticket gets re-opened it does not start the timer over.  I don't know about it being set to none though.
  • Shouldnt it be that the SLA is active when a new ticket comes in. If the ticket is answered and the ticket is closed, after the customer replies and reopens the ticket, shouldnt the SLA start counting again?
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