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Question on Removing Closed from List

Our department wants to only use Resolved for completing tickets.  I know that I can delete "closed" from the custom list.  The question I have is will this affect any tickets that were set to the closed status?  I just want to make sure that we would still be able to search for them if I delete "Closed" so resolved and open are the only two options when completing a ticket.  Thanks for your help!


  • I think that you will find that would be horrible and break lots of things.  After all "resolved" is a sub type of Closed.

    There are four types of statuses in osTicket. Open, Closed, Archived, Deleted.  Only Open and Closed are currently used.
  • ntozier,

    Just to make sure I was clear, I meant deleting the value of closed, not the state.  Resolved would still be there with the state of closed.  I attached a screenshot to show the value im talking about.

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