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Different Language

I have about 4 month that my company is using osticket. They like it a lot. But what they ask to me is to send email notification for ticket progress to client on different language depends on client country. Is there any way to do this. And if yes which file can i edit
Osticket 1.9.12


  • edited November 2017
    My understanding is that you have to use a own departement for each language and setup for each departement a different email address or alias. Then you clone the email template set for each departement and change only the content in the email template sets with the translated text you want. After that assign each email address and template set that you have created for the appropriate departement and then the language which is used in the notification mails is depending on the departement that the ticket belongs to. You see no modification is needed to accomplish this.

    By the way: your osTicket Version is outdatet. 1.9.16 is actual for this branch and when 1.11 will be released the 1.9.x branch is not longer supported.
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