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update some third party components

I have noticed that some of the third party components that osticket uses are not up to date and that some people have issues about that.
For example some components of the pear framework (net, socket or the mimeDecode). Maybe some more.

I would like to ask you why the components aren't updated yet and if you are planning to do this?
Is ist about the compatibility for older php versions like php 5.4 or 5.5? Or do you fear that the osTicket code isn't full compatible with the newer versions of this components?

If it is only because of the older php versions why do you hesitate to raise the requirements?
PHP 5.4 and 5.5 have reached their end of life and it is only a unnecessary burden IMHO
for you to support this outdated versions which are behaving so different.

You are such a small team and could use your rare resources better when you decide to drop the support for deprecated software. I don't meant this to criticize you. I just wan't to help. Sometimes we don't think about such things because we estimate that people aren't happy with such decisions. But maybe it helps when someone from the other side tells you that this is better for us all. Some people would complain about that but this will happen always.

Some people will always complain, no matter what you do and what your reasons are. It's like they're living for it, that's why it should doesn't really matter ; -)
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