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registered user login

edited November 2017 in Suggestions and Feedback
the user can login only by using the email and without a password?
This would be useful in an intra-company helpdesk

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  • I guess this is really bad idea. Authentication is important even in the intranet.
    Maybe single sign on is a way for you to avoid an additional login.

    My understanding is that osTicket has Plugins for that which could be combined to use a single sign on process for osTicket. I have never used them, but when I'm correctly remembering  you can use the auth ldap plugin in combination with the auth pass through plugin:
  • gnsgns
    edited November 2017
    For low security issues I believe we should not burden users with additional passwords.
    The use of a password  could be optional.
    Managing and using multiple passwords for different uses is a big issue.

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  • "I believe we should not burden users with additional passwords."

    So don't?  You could use their AD/LDAP account credentials with the Authentication::
    LDAP and Active Directory plugin.

    Or you could change the login behavior in osTicket
    go to: Admin panel -> Settings -> User 
    Enable Authentication Token and disable Client Quick Access.
  • gnsgns
    edited November 2017
    I know these possibilities and I agree that certification is the best solution,
    In our organization we use several applications that require authentication with different levels
    of access
    and a master account is not used for all applications for security purposes.
    The help desk is a helper so I thought I would not charge users with an authentication.
    At this time all users are logged in as guest with email and full name.
    Just because there is a problem in the email field (is type a head)
    I do different scenarios in search of alternatives.
    Thank you for your answers!
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