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Date Issue in advance search

edited November 2017 in Suggestions and Feedback
When advance search for tickets created "on" a particular date, tickets created on other days are included in the search results, and additionally, when I go back to the advanced search criteria, the date I entered is changed to the day before. (I entered 10/11/17, and it is changed to 10/10/17).
For that I matched the timezone of database with default osticket timezone, but it doesn't affect. I attached the image for this issue.
Please help me for resolving this issue.


  • Osticket version - v1.10
    Apache - 2.4.18 (Ubuntu)
    MySQL version- 5.7.20
    PHP version - 5.6.32
  • I cannot replicate this behavior. 

    I just logged into my ticket system.  
    clicked on Advanced Search.
    selected created
    selected on
    entered 2/20/2014
    It pulls up 8 tickets.  
    I checked all of them and all 8 tickets have a created date of 2014-02-20

    I tried this again with 11/25/2016.
    It pulls up three tickets.
    I checked their created date and all three of them also match.
  • I dont have this issue on my another server. But it is on production server. Please Give me possibilties regarding this issue, why it is happen.
  • Is the environment on your other server identical (php, mysql)?
  • Yes it is identical
  • Are you getting an error in your web server log?
  • No, I didn't get any error in log.
  • edited November 2017
    Weird. The only problem I had with this search was related to this issue:

    But in my case I find an error in the webserver log (Fatal error: __ clone method called on non-object).
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