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[MOD] Custom Ticket Status in 1.10.1 (change when agent/client replies)

edited November 2017 in Mods and Customizations

i want to achieve 3 different ticket states to get a better overview of all our tickets:
  • Open
    only for new, unanswered tickets
  • In Progress
    with two sub-status:
    - In Progress (Action required by Support-Team)
    - In Progress (Action required by Customer)
  • Closed
    with the default:
    - Closed
    - Resolved
In my point of view i need to do the following:
  1. Add the statuses at: Admin Panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Statuses
  2. Make sure that the ticket status is set to "In Progress (Action required by Customer)" by default when an agent replies:
    DONE (this just selects always this status by default in the drop down field - see attachment)

    If someone is interested in this, here is what i changed (green color). Please note that you will have to find out the ID of the status you want to set via your database (table os_ticket_status or similar, depending on your prefix "os_").
    foreach (TicketStatusList::getStatuses(
       array('states' => $states)) as $s) {
           if (!$s->isEnabled()) continue;
    +      $current = ($statusId == $s->getId()); //added this line
    +~     $selected = ('8' == $s->getId()); //changed this line

           echo sprintf('<option value="%d" %s>%s%s</option>',
                        $selected ? 'selected="selected"' : '',
                        $current ? (' ('.__('current').')') : '' //renamed variable here
  3. Make sure that the ticket status is set to "In Progress (Action required by Support-Team)" by default when a customer replies:
    Which file do i need to edit here? Simplest solution would be to change the SQL Query when the reply gets written in the database, but i can't find the right file.
Thank you for your help!


  • Hello!

    Have you managed to do this?

    I could use it very well.

    Thank you
    Best regards
  • Hi

    no, not yet. I still need to figure out which file i need to edit.
    Any help would be appreciated :)

    Best regards
  • You could achieve this with a plugin easily, rather than modifying core. Intercept the thread entry creation signal and change the ticket status accordingly.
  • Hi Grizly,

    could you please give me an advice on how to intercept the thread entry creation signal?

    Thank you!
  • Hey chief, checkout for an example of intercepting/using the ThreadEntry Signal.

    To change a ticket's status, you'll need to load the desired TicketStatus object and apply it to the Ticket object, example here:

    Loading TicketStatus from config:
    Applying TicketStatus to Ticket:

    You don't have to do it that way, if you know exactly which ones you want to alternate between, you could use something like:
    // Check if this thread entry was created by clients:
    if ($entry instanceof MessageThreadEntry) {
        $new_status = TicketStatus::lookup('id_of_waiting_for_agent_status');
    elseif ($entry instanceof ResponseThreadEntry) {
        $new_status = TicketStatus::lookup('id_of_waiting_for_client_status');
    else {
    // this is a system message or NoteThreadEntry, so we should assume this shouldn't change the state
    // don't change if already the same status:
    if ($ticket->getStatusId() != $new_status->getId()) {
        $ticket->status = $new_status;

    So, if you make a new plugin, use the Bootstrap method to listen for Signal 'threadentry.created', then run the above on the $entry. The fun part is fetching the Ticket from the $entry. The slack plugin above includes a method that fetches it from the $entry, you might want to grab a copy.

    Let me know if you need a hand, or if you're having trouble getting it going, if you want to use a Plugin Config screen, you can copy those from my plugins too, (they even include examples of Status drop-downs!). 
    There are examples of logging the Event in the thread in the Closer Plugin, which might be useful for statistics later on.

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