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How to upgrade onto a different machine

Hi All,

We currently run OSTicketversion 1.9.x on box A, whilst yesterday I spun up box B (Debian 9, MariaDB, PHP 7, Apache) and installed the currently available version of 1.10.x.

My question is this though, how do I now upgrade / migrate from one to the other? I backed up/restored the DB and logged in as our admin user, and whilst the system tried to run an upgrade - it told me the upgrade was unable to complete.

Any help much appreciated.
Many Thanks,


  • It sounds like you did the right things.  back up the db.  Restore the DB to the new server.

    I dont think that there is anything that we can do to help you with out knowing what the error that was generated on the failed upgrade.  You should check your MySQL and PHP error logs.  Also You might want to use PHP 5.6 instead of 7.
  • Many Thanks for your reply.

    Without wishing to sound too naive, where are those logs located?  

    I have attached the last few lines of the Apache Log

    This is what I see in the UI:

    Upgrade Aborted!

    Upgrade aborted due to errors. Any errors at this stage are fatal.

    Please note the error(s), if any, when seeking help.

    Internal error occurred - Get technical help!

    For details - please view System Logs or check your email.

    Please refer to the Upgrade Guide for more information.

    The System Log shows:

    DB Error #1054Error 
    But the pop-out hovering over the error number shows now info .

    Any Assistance is greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks,
  • It seems the new machine is unable to access your database.
  • This may not be helping my cause, As a sanity check, I went to run the SQL Query:
    SELECT A1.* FROM `ost_translation` A1 WHERE (A1.`lang` = 'en_US' AND A1.`type` = 'phrase'

    As is being attempted to run at the start of the error excpert attached previously, and that threw up that the stated ost_translastion table doesn't exist in the original DB, let alone the new one.....

    Any assistance muchly appreciated
  • Do you see any tables at all in the old/new database?
    Are you running the latest 1.9.x release when upgrading to 1.10.x? (1.9.16)
  • I can see the databases in the old and new databases.  Having just dug around, it looks like I'm currently running 1.9.12
  • apologies, I meant see the tables....
  • Hi All,

    Further to this, late on Friday, i found out that the current 1.9.12 installation has a plug-in installed into it called Equipment Monitor or similar.  I can't seem to find this plugin available in the currently available downloads for the latest release, and, after reviewing it, the organisation didn't use it anyhow.

    Is it possible to uninstall this plug-in completely? Before trying the upgrade again?

    Many Thanks,
  • I've no experience with it but i think this is the plugin:
    There should be no problem just uninstalling it.
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