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Adding custom fields to the tasks-dashboard


I'm new with osTicket. I had installed 1.10 and it seems to work fine, but there are a few things I want to change:

I want to add custom fields to the tasks-dashboard(I know that therefore I must change the table-settings in ../include/staff/ But I don't find the part where the source of data should be changed, so I get a database error because of unknown fileds.

Can somebody help me to find the place where the query is hidden? I Need to addthe table task__cdataand the needed fields...


Also (but an other theme): Is there a Chance to add a new tab to the main-dashboard? I wan't toadd a new tab (or register) to deliver a simple calendar to the staff in just one few. Any tipps? 


  • osTicket doesn't have a "Tasks Dashboard" so I'm unsure that it is you are talking about.  

    The two dashbaords are:
    Agent Panel -> Dashboard
    Admin panel -> Dashboard

    If you want to add custom fields to to Tasks you would do it at Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Task Details.

    You could create a calendar plugin to add a cal to the Agent panel.
  • Hello,

    with "Tasks Dashboard" I ment the view when an agent is logged in and looks at the table with the tasks.

    As you can see here:

    The custom fields I want to add to that table are allreday defined in the form Task Details.

    How do I create a plugin?I only want to add an existing calender-script in the tab-(or register-)view fromthe agent Dashboard as marked in yellow:

  • The Tasks list.
    There is no way to add columns to that page in the ui.  You would have to edit the core files to achieve this.
    The file that you would edit is: /include/staff/

    There are a number of resources related to writing a plugin.  

    There is the plugin repository.
  • edited November 2017

    Hello ntozier,

    thanks for your answer! I'll have a look at the plugin-development next weekend.

    I had found for myself that I would need to change the To add the fields to the table is really simple. The build of the table starts in line 30.

    But where in the script should I change the query to  deliver the data? Only adding a custimfield to the table leads to a database-error.Therefor I think I have to add the source ost_tasks__cdata to the query. But where and how? May be after line 14 in the script, but I'm not sure how to add the second table fromthe database.

    Could you give an example please?

  • ost_tasks__cdata is a temporary table in the database.  You probably shouldnt be pulling data from there.

    I can't give you an example because this is not something that I have ever done, but I imiagine that it would be rather similar to adding a column to the ticket list.  Here is a thread on that for most contemporary versions of osTicket.  

    Alternatively there is the forthcoming "Custom Queues" feature that while doesn't add task customization does add ticket list customonization and might point you in the right direction.
  • Thanks so far.

    I think I'm reday to publish my addon. I uploaded the 3 necessary files (all in php-format). Now I havae the problem how to build a .phar-file within These three files to make the plugin available for the installer.

    Is there a tool to build a.phar-file on a windows-machine or on the fly on my web?

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