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Moving OSTicket to another Server

Hi, I have OSTicket Installed V1.9.3 on an old server, I have used VMware tools to migrate to our VMware cluster so P 2 V to create a copy of the current server, I have renamed the server and put onto a new Domain.

as the original OSTicket system is still being updated, i wanted to know how I can bring the new server up to date, as the new server is now 2 days old

and hasn't been updated, is there a folder/file i can copy from the current OSTicket Server and place onto the new OSTicket server to bring it inline

with all the updated tickets raised over the last 2 days, the intention is to shutdown the old server once the new server is up to date with all the latest tickets



    • export the DB on old server.  
    • Import the DB on the new server.
    • If you are using Storage::Attachments on Filesystem plugin make sure that you migrate the new files created since your migration.
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