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Installation with language german fails

Hi there!

I tried to install osTicket in German.
The installations fails and ends in a "white page".
Probably an error 500.

The German translation is anyway quite poor.
There are many untranslated words in the Back- and frontend.

How can I help to improve the German translation?
Searching the wiki brings "There were no results matching the query. (language)"

Thanks for any advice


  • Sorry, forgot this one:

    osTicket-Version v1.10.1 (9ae093d)
    Server-Software Apache
    MySQL-Version 10.0.33
    PHP-Version 5.6.30-0+deb8u1
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    It is a known issue that the language packs are not ready to use for an installation of osTicket 1.10.x.
    The developers said, they take care for it, to make it work again.

    I would recommend adding the language pack after the install or you have to fix the issues by yourself.

    I think the german translation is not poor by the way ;-)
    The development of the multi language feature isn't completed yet. So it can't be translated complete with the offered language packs. I'm remembering that also some translation issues are open at github that are not finished.

    The translation work is done by end users at this project side:
    But you will not be able to solve your issues there because the source is not the translated content.

  • Last I checked the translation project is at:
  • Hi mfelber,

    thanks for your reply.

    O.K. if it is a known issue.

    And sorry for the "poor". I mean it is not bad at all. But I think there are still many untranslated terms. Especially in the backend.
    The standard system mails etc. must also be translated by hand. I thought this language pack would be an "all inklusive pack". But as far as I see it isn't.

    So I will do my best.

  • thx ntozier!

    I'll have a look there.
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    @ntozier is a redirection to
    But your link is better! Unexperienced users can find the osTicket section easier with the direct link.

    Don't worry. I have reacted this way because I was one the few translators of the german language pack ;-)

    Unfortunately not. Some things are missing and yes, when you can't use the language pack during the installation process, the german templates are missing first. But if I remember correctly it is easy to add them in a rush after the install. I will test it and give you some feedback..
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    This is an easy way to import the german templates after the installation.
    Click on "Add New Template Set":


    Give the template set a name, set it to "Enabled" (or do it later), choose the correct language (it pulls the corresponding text data from the yaml-files and writes it to the database) and click on "Add Template". 


    Then you have the german template set in osTicket, which normally is installed automatically when you add a language pack during the installation. 

    You can control which language pack is used per department. You set an email address for example with, create a department which uses this mail address and assign the german template set for this department. When a customer uses this email address, he gets german notifications.

    When you need additional languages, you can simple add further departments like I described with corresponding mail addresses and templates sets. This is how the multi language template sets are working in osTicket. 

    Greetings from Cologne ;-)
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