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Tabs and Exports

Hello OsTicket community.

I've been reading a lot of posts here lately, to see if this topic has been touched, but i think it has not.
If so sorry for the double posting.

We are using OsTicket a bit different then others :) this is because we like to spoil our customers a little......

The customer sends back the goods if there is a need for support, or The customer calls in and the secretary creates a ticket with the name and email of the sales agent and fills in the name of the customer in another field, a "Custom Field" called "Customer / Installer"

The result of this is that in the FROM field in the "My Tickets" section we see the name of the Sales agent, and not the Customer / Installer.
I've been trying to educate people to do it different, but i pulled the shortest straw and it is how it is.

My Question is: Is it possible to instead show FROM there show CUSTOMER and make it show the data from the customer field i have created.
what file do i edit, is it safe to edit.


Second Question:
When exporting the data, there is simply to much information in the file.
I had a look at the class.export.php and i saw that i could change (remove) some options there, can that be done without breaking the core.

Regards Jorrit.
Thank's in advance for your help


  • Hi all.

    I know that there are some GODS in here that can tell me what to do :)
    Please support me in resolving this issue.

    Regards Jorrit
  • There is no way to do this in the UI.  Staff will have too open the ticket in the name of the customer (User) like they should.

  • Hello Ntozier.

    That was half the answer :) thanks for your reply. 
    I thought that would be the case, i will have to educate them with a pole instead of with Silk Gloves.

    Please answer me the Export questions as well, 

    Regards J
  • As an answer to the second question there should be no problem modifying the export function if you do it correctly :), I can't think of anything on the top of my head that would break from you removing a field except the export function itself so it should be obvious if it's not working.
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