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help topic internal form editable from the agent

is possible to have  an internal form for specific help topic that be editable from  the agents without edit the user ticket;


  • Agents can add any forms in the system to any ticket.  If thats what you mean.
  • gnsgns
    edited December 2017
    Yes it is true. I say something else
    We have a help topic to which we have added an internal form.
    When we get a request for this help topic, we can not use the internal form
    until we press the edit button.
    It would be useful if when we read a request that has an internal
    form to be able to handle it.
    I hope i become more understandable
  • If you added the form to the help topic then the form is already added...

    If the users dont fill out the form then there is nothing to display.
    Maybe make the fields required so that the users have to populate the data?
  • the form is internal for the agent only not public
    i want the agent when open a ticket to be able to fill the apropriate field of  the  internal form  wihout use the  ticket edit button
  • If a help topic is adding a form... when an Agent opens a ticket it adds the form so tht agent can populate it then.  

    If a user opens it (via ui) then they cannot see the form to populate date so the agent would have to edit the ticket.  

    If a user opens it via email, they are not selecting a help topic so you would have to add the form and edit the ticket.
  • very understandable
    thank you!
  • very welcome.
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