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Enabling Zend OPcache Extension

Can't get Zend OPcache Extension to load while setting up new server:
Windows Server 2012r2, IIS8
osTicket Core v1.10.1
PHP vs 5.5.38
MySQL vs 5.5

It's enabled in the PHP control panel.
Thanks for any help.


  • edited December 2017
    What do you mean with "PHP control panel"?
    Normally php extensions are enabled in the php.ini .
  • Sorry, PHP Manager in IIS Manager. The PHP Manager has an area "PHP Extensions" where you can enable/disable PHP extensions, which modifies the php.ini file.
  • Here's the bottom portion of my php.ini file:




  • This does not appear to be an osTicket issue. When you make any php.ini configuration changes you have to restart the webserver software for new setting changes to take effect.  
  • I understand where you may be saying that, but when osTicket scans for that enabled extension, and it says that it's not, this is where I'm seeing it as installation help.
    I rebooted the server with change in status.
  • osTicket simply reports what PHP tells it.  If osTicket says its not enabled then PHP thinks its not enabled.
  • What version of "php_opcache.dll" is required for the osTicket and where can one download said version?
  • You would use the version taht corresponds to your version of PHP.
    You would get that from
  • Or should I be using a later version of PHP like 5.3.28 instead of 5.5.38?
  • I recommend 5.6.
  • The install requirements on the download page ( list a minimum of PHP 5.6. You may need to upgrade to a newer version.

    As a side note, the installation documentation on the wiki is 3 years old. That should probably be updated. I might be able to find some time to update it a little bit, but I'd need a login.
  • I'll give it a try and report back. Thank you!
  • After updating to PHP 5.6 and a server reboot, the Zend OPcache Extension is still not recognized. This is also a vanilla server build too.
  • This does not appear to be an osTicket issue as osTicket simply reports what PHP thinks.

    PHP OpCache configuration on Windows system:
  • But the osTicket coding is calling on PHP and its extensions.

    Thank you for providing that reference, and referring to it, why is there no osTicket documentation of how to edit the php.ini file to reflect the recommended opcache.dll?
  • Because providing duplicated documentation for every possible PHP plugin and every permutation of configuring them is a bad idea when a few seconds on Google will find the latest?
  • Grizly, I have been putting quite a few seconds of Google searching with nothing referencing this particular PHP dll that osTicket's programming is calling on. I'm not asking for every possible PHP plugin and every permutation of configuring. I'm simply asking for the standard ones that osTicket is calling on. If this was duplicate documentation, someone here would be able to reference it instead of throwing a  old dog a bone out in the dark. I've got a clean server install, followed the WiKi install documents to a "T", but no reference to any of the recomended plugins.
  • Let's answer this obtusely with a hypothetical.

    You go to the store and buy a brand new TV. You take the TV home, you set it up, and start to use it.
    This TV has Netflix on it which runs great (and lets you watch some great shows like Stranger Things and Jessica Jones). However, after the stores return policy has expired you notice that when you are not watching Netflix the sound is super low and just not the same quality.

    Who do you call for support Netflix or the TV manufacturer?
  • You might be conflating "PHP can use opcode caching" and "osTicket uses opcode somehow".. osTicket does not. 
    There is no opcode specific code in the repos. opcode caching is performed at the server level for ALL PHP scripts, that's how it works.  (Any text matches in the repo are actually part of the included PEAR DNS packages, and aren't osTicket code).

    Also, there are quite a few opcode caches now. (In case you didn't know), zend_opcode is commonly referred to as just opcache.dll, however, you have to link it with: "zend_extension=php_opcache.dll" not just extension=. (According to S/O). 
    Make sure you have the correct TS and NTS versions for your version of PHP (read about that here: and ensure that the version of the opcache dll is the same as the version of PHP you've installed. Then ensure that you're loading PHP using that php.ini.. not always the case (depends on CGI/ISAPI/FastCGI etc, and on linux, Apache or FPM too).

    I've just had a look at PHP Manager for IIS (never used it before).  Last released in 2011.. I'm sure it's current..  You're saying it's included in 2012R2? I'm not seeing it in my IIS box, the docs say it needs to be installed manually ( and refers to wincache again.. maybe you can't use zend_opcache but should be using wincache? 

    Dunno mate, never needed/used a point and click manager for PHP before. It's text-files, just type what you need and save.. 

    According to the phponwindows site: the latest is PHP 5.3.5.. how current. So, I'm guessing you installed it yourself then. 
    However, if you read the docs here it says: The PHP 5.4 version does not work with the WinCache extension version 1.1. Use PHP 5.3 until this problem is resolved.

    Lovely.. Good work Microsoft. 

    OK, more than a few seconds of Googling, it's always been so easy for me mate, I forget how bloody complicated and frustrating it is on Windows. 
  • Thanks for all your help and references. I've decided to proceed without this plugin zend'd.
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