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Custom ticket details field not pulling correct data from MySQL DB

I recently added a custom field, "minutes_spent", to the Ticket Details form using the built in forms editor (Admin Panel > Manage > Forms > Ticket Details). I was using this field to track how many minutes were spent on each ticket. It has been working great and I haven't had any problems with that field. I decided that I'd rather track hours instead, so I created a new field called "hours". I then logged into the MySQL console and performed an update statement to copy the "minutes_spent" values into the "hours" field and to convert the minutes into hours. This also worked without a hitch. When I log into the osTicket web panel, my "minutes_spent" field is filled out, however, the hours field is blank. I've double checked that the SQL update went through, and it did. I then took this one step further, and ran another update statement to copy all of the data from the "minutes_spent" field to the "hours" field and osTicket is still showing the old numbers.

I tried restarting Apache, MySQL, and then finally, the server. Any ideas why my ticket details form isn't pulling the new data from the database?


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