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Prevent bouncing out of ticket after posting internal note

Hello All,

My staff is complaining about getting bounced out of a ticket after posting a message. Is there a way to stay in the ticket? Thank you!


  • Which php version are you running? I remember some people had problems with that. PHP 5.6 works well after my experience.

    I believe a simple workaround was to change this setting to zero "Admin Panel > Settings > System > Collision Avoidance Duration". The reason for that behavior was not so clear to me. Maybe some time related session problems due to inconsistent time handling between the different php versions..
  • edited December 2017
    When you say "bounced out of a ticket" do you mean that they lose their lock and someone else is taking over?  or do you mean they successfully post an update an are returned to the open ticket list?

    If you mean the second then not at this time…the only way to do it is to click the ticket number in the green success message to go back
  • They are successfully posting an update and are returned to the open ticket list. There is no option to click on the ticket number after posting an internal note (only making a public reply).
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