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Change page width

There is a certain page width used with Osticket, which looks like around 60% or less of the available screenwidth.
I found a mod somewhere to change the staff part, which I don't need modified in fact.

I would like to have a dynamic width of the public (customer) view change, especially the knowledgebase pages of  at least 70% or 80% width.
But I'm no coder, can read and change a bit of css and/or php as long as somebody tells me what and where to change, like in a "use this file, find this and replace with that" kind of way.:)
I presume it's in some CSS but I can't find it.

Can somebody tell me how and where I can fix this please?


  • Thank you for your answer.
    I've also found another great theme, but if possible I would like to use the default theme.
    Is more easy on keeping things when upgrading to newer versions.
  • I modified my agent side (not using the user side), mostly scp/css/scp.css file.

    The process can be done easily by using Inspector mode in Firefox/Chrome. Choose the HTML element you want to modify, you will see a list of CSS rules applied to it. You can try changing the rules on the fly to try it out. Next to the rule is the filename and linenumber where you can edit and have the changes permanently.
  • Thank you.
    Great tool indeed. Makes live a lot easier.
    For future references it was in /assets/default/css/theme.css
    Search for
    #container {
        background: #fff;
        width: 840px;

    and change the width to 80% and done.

  • You might want to set the max-width as well, like 1360px, just in case users have a really wide screen.
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