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[resolved] Variables - Proper format in forms and emails


I tried searching but wasn't able to fix the issue.  In short for some reason I can't figure out how to display the variable output into an email.  I was trying to display the ticket message in an email when the agent gets it.




    "Custom variables, such as those you add via Manage -> Forms can be accessed using the name that you gave them and the prefix the the built in form that you added them to. So if you added a field called Agency that was added to the built in "Ticket Details" you would access it as, aka:

    Data associated with "Contact Information" is available via %{ticket.user.VARIABLE}. Where VARIABLE is the variable name that you assigned the field in the form. Data associated with other forms (such as extra forms added to help topics) is currently not available this way. It's been this way since iirc."

    Other built in forms dont do anything last I checked.

    Issue Summary is a built in field in Admin panel -> Manage -> forms -> Ticket Details. And is accessible using the built in variable %{ticket.subject}.  message is already a built in variable for Issue Details (same form).

  • Got it.  Works now.  Thanks for the clarification.
  • Very welcome. :)

    (I have to admit that part of an article I wrote back in 2014 still being useful is amusing to me.)

    I'll mark this as resolved and close it.  Please feel free to start a new thread if you have a new question, concern, comment, etc.
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