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Email won't fetch


My osTicket (v1.10.1) won't fetch mail via cron. 

Current settings cronjob on same server (works) to start /api/cron.php (works). 

This gives the error:

PHP Warning:  base64_decode() has been disabled for security reasons in /var/www/vhosts/********/******/include/class.crypto.php on line 112

It will try and get the mail but does not work "Error: IMAP Authentication cancelled" which makes sense as it can't decode the password.

I have a separate PHP.ini (php v5.4.36) file that has base64_decode active (or actually it is not on the disallowed list). In a php test file the base64_decode function does not work. However I am able to send mail via the SMTP. I'm guessing the password is stored in the same way so it is able to decode the passwords? 

What can I do to get the base64_decode working on this shared server. Is there an other php.ini setting I am missing?   


  • I googled your error and this was the first hit:

    My guess is that your hosting provider or webserver is blocking the php function some how from being executed and resulting in that error.  You will need to either: have your hosting provider / webserver not block it, or find another hosting provider.
  • edited December 2017
    thank, I have, their responds is it's not blocked. They created a seperate php.ini file for my server which does not have the function on the disables list. 
  • Yes but you went on to say "In a php test file the base64_decode function does not work." so since it's "not blocked" and still not working. I'm not sure that would I believe them that its not blocked.
  • You need to make sure your cli script uses the same php.ini settings as your web site. They might have only unblocked the webserver's php.ini.
  • @Grizly, yes. That was it. The command line interface of PHP was still using the old PHP.ini file. That was changed and mail is coming in. 
  • Excellent.  Should I close this thread and mark it resolved then?
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