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answer to email ticket not trace


I use the program a few weeks ago, I have encountered this

the system, when creating a ticket, sends an email to the
customer, if the customer answers the mail, instead of answering
the ticket system,

I lose the tracking of the discussion inside the system.

Do you have a way to trace the discussion on the system? or even
better, is there a way to force the cleinte's response on the
ticket system?

I hope I have been clear.

I'm waiting for your kind feedback

thank you



  • If the customer answers the email it goes to the ticket system and when the ticket system checks for emails it will update the ticket.
  • we did some tests, but this does not happen! the system does not track the discussion of the email
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    So then what happens?
  • I think I ran into something like that in my early set up, where I set "Fetched Emails" to "Do Nothing", not sure if GMail's grouping the replies into thread would affect the system's ability to fetch the replies if the first email is still in the Inbox.

    If that is the case, try changing the setting to "Move to folder" for the fetched emails.
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