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Problem in adding new custom list in ticket form.


This is my osTicket version: "System Settings and Preferences — osTicket (v1.10)"

I would like to ask why I cannot display my module drop-down list in the ticket form?

Here are my steps that I already did in order to display module drop-down list.

1. Admin panel > Manage > List > Add New Custom List
2. Fill in all details required in the definition tab and properties tab.
3. Click add list.
4. Admin panel > Manage > Forms > Ticket Details.
5. Add new label called 'Module' and arrange it at the top of 'Issue Summary' label.
6. Click save changes.

Then, I went to ticket form in agent panel, there is no 'Module' field appeared in that form. So, what should I do? Is there any step that I miss? or do I need to change add anything at backend code?


  • Uh sorry. Forget to tell.

    Type that I put for label 'Module' is 'Modules' which will reflect to the custom list module. And the variables is 'modules'.
  • "Then, I went to ticket form in agent panel, , there is no 'Module' field appeared in that form."

    There is nothing called "ticket form" in the agent panel.  And if there was... why would a list (which is not a form) appear in it?

    So, what should I do?"
    Open a ticket?  

    "Is there any step that I miss?"
    No?  You added a new field to Ticket Details.  Assuming the visibility of the field is set all future tickets that are opened will have the new field.

    "or do I need to change add anything at backend code?"
    Generally speaking you should never have change anything in the core files (aka what you call the "backend code")
  • Okay. I got it. Thank you!
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