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Hide sender e-mail address

is there a way to hide support notification e-mail address in the sent notification e-mails?
For example: there is notification sent to user that he has submitted a new ticket. In this e-mail I would like to leave blank sender field. 
Is it possible?
Thank you.


  • Use a address for alerts?

    AFAIK you can't have no email address as the sender in an email.. well, unless you route messages via an but they'll know it's from you, because they opened a ticket. 
  • edited December 2017
    It does not work.
    I have:

    Update Email Address —

    Email Information and Settings
    Email Address  
    Email Name  *  

    Email adress is: noreply@.....
    Email name is: TEST

    I have header spoofing enabled and I need to use SMTP authentication. 

    When I send message - I get email it is from TEST, but when I check details I can see my full email address instead of this 'noreply@'.

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