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I am trying to get osticket installed through docker. I can link the osticket container to the mysql container just fine in CLI but I want to do it in docker-compose instead. I'm having a tough time setting it up. I have attached a docker-compose file that builds both containers successfully but then the TCP connection times out. Anyone know how it can be done?

I am using Docker for Windows
Docker version 17.09.1-ce
Docker compose version 1.17.1


  • This does not appear to be a Feedback or Suggestion.  
    Moving thread to Mods and Customizations.

    You mentioned an attachment (which i do not see), you might want to re-attach that.
    I do not use Docker and since we do not have any support information about using osTicket with Docker nor do we have a Docker release version I'm not sure that you will get much help with this.
  • What TCP connection?
  • I'd be happy to take a look at your docker-compose file if you would like to try to re-attach it to this thread.

    Not that I have much docker experience however I have seen a little recently.

    Grizly,  I'm guessing port 3306. The 2 containers are probably an apache container and a mysql container. Docker can make and manage an internal network between the 2 and just expose/forward specific ports as requested. 
  • @pcjkollmorgen, thought it might be attempts to connect to the webserver from outside docker. (Also, docker autocorrects hilariously)
  • Sure, could be that just as likely.

    One example I looked at recently had no ports open on anything when I did a "docker ps" command.  It is all pretty new to me though.

    Always frustrating to be stuck at a point which should "just work" or "works fine doing it manually".

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