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Ticket view to limit the primary department?

Hi All, 

if that question has been asked been answered, my apologises and point me to the right place please. 

-We have a few departments (eg. customer service, engineering, supply chain etc...)
-In ticket setting , I have marked assigned ticket to be excluded from open queue.
-when ticket come in it goes to customer service, then they assigns the ticket to other departments
-at the moment I have users in separate department, so they can only see the ticket for their own department in open queue.  they can transfer the ticket to other department, after transferred, ticket is invisible to them even in search 
-What I like to have is I like them to see the tickets which belong to the department where the user is in as primary department. But if they want to see the other tickets they should be able to  search it manually. Is that possible at all?

Thanks so much in advance 


  • Advanced Search.  Set department to the department you want?
  • HI ntozier, 

    Thanks so much for reply. I have been away and just came back and haven't see your reply. Sorry about that. 

    User will obviously have to have permission to that department that he is searching. In turn, he will be able to see that department open ticket in his queue. What I like was they can only see their primary department email and only see the other department email if they use search. Is that possible at all? 

  • I think what ntozier is suggesting is that you let them have access to all and then that they save advanced searches such as [Customer Service] then they can just load that and press search and they'll get the tickets according to your search criteria.
    If this don't work I don't think there is any built in way that would work, then the question arises what you would need to modify in order to get this result.
    As I see if there are 2 options

    1. Custom Queues (Expected to be included in 1.11) -
    This change is rather big but is very nice, it lets you defins custom queues for all coworkers and coworkers can specify their own ones.

    2. Change the hardcoded statement for the open queue.
    This one should be rather small and future versions should change very little so you would be able to reapply this one.
  • Hi guys, 

    I found one way, change the permission under Agent, 

    Permissions=> Miscellaneous => Search (ticked)

    Which allow the Agent to search of ticket regardless of his permission. 

  • One step back ;-). Agent can search and view the ticket if the ticket is closed, but if the ticket is open one, Agent can only see the search research result, not able to view
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