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change views of ticket status categories

hi together,

i am searching for a couple of time now how to change the submenu of agent's view "Tickets".
I need different status items for ticket status. Now as i have changed those in Admin-Administer-Lists I want to change the agents-view to correspond to the new status-items.
I added the status "waiting for customer". Now all those tickets still are listed in "open tickets", but I want them to appear in "answered" or add a new menu item "wait4c". I would like to know if there is one of these solutions or something i dont think of:
a) In Admin-Administer-Lists I can add this new item "waiting for customer" but i can only select properties of (open, closed, deleted, archived). I would like to add a property "waiting" and see theese tickets in "answered"
b) just change sql query for "answered" tickets to also gather "waiting4customer" and then change sql query for "open Tickets" to exclude "wait4customer"
c) what else ?

thanks in advance...
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