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Dashboard - incomprehensible value of department statistic

Hi All!

I have a question about dasboard statistic ant its numbers.

1. Numbers are not correct. As I understand number of opened ticket (59) should be equal to Assignet (because all of ticket has been assigned to one representative (me). At least assignet should be greater about Reopen ticket (6).

I am the only representative and my statistic looks exactly the same.

 Like you see below that nubers doesn't count properly. Do You know why?

DepartmentOpenedAssignedOverdudeClosedReopenS timeR Time

2. Why system counts closed twice? I notice that every resolved is counted as closed and when I definitly close resolved ticket it is one more time count as closed. I think it should be resolved mark as resolved (but here we don't have such column. And closed ticket should be count only for permamently closed ticket. I think that resolved ticket isn't close ticket. Maybe we wait for confirmation from user end after that we can close it.

I will be grateful for explain.




  • My answer is because the Dashboard sucks and has been slated for a revamp for a very long time now.  I've never trusted it, and the lack of keys and meaningful interpretation help makes it un-usable for us.

    We use @scottro Reports Plugin (formerly ReportMod) from

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