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[resolved] General doubt

edited December 2017 in General Discussions
1. How the user close the ticket. Whether the user have that option.

2. How the agent create their own ticket instead (Ability to open tickets on behalf of users)

3. How to change the ticket like todaydate-01. So we can analysis the ticket very easily

4. Also I have created a ticket from agent profile. I have duplicate ticket entire please check the screen shot.

I am not sure whether you have this option in default script so please help me

Also whether you have user and admin guide for the OSTICKET.

Prem anand


  • 1. Users can't close tickets themself.
    2. In the agent panel under tickets choose new ticket and there you can specify for which user you're creating the ticket.
    3. Not sure what you're reffering to here, but i'm guessing what you're looking for is the advanced search and then search for tickets created on todays date - 1.
    4. Not sure what you mean and can't see any screenshot.
  • thank you so much for your help. Now I am very cleared.

    Here is the screen shot
  • Those tickets were created via email.  So either you sent the same email twice (resulting in two message-id), or for some reason the email was fetched twice and created two tickets.   This could have also happened if you have polling and cron turned on and auto-cron enabled in osTicket. Which is why auto-cron is not recommended.
  • Thank you so much. You can close this ticket.
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