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[resolved] Knowledgebase FAQ

edited December 2017 in General Discussions
Sorry for inconveniens, I'm little confusion: I can't see how to add anything to FAQ's.... (and can't find in discus history here) 


  • edited December 2017
    No problem. 

    I think you have missed that you have to add a category first. 
    Then you can add entries. I think this is necessary because you can control with the category the "visibility"..

    It is like a container/folder for entries..
  • Also make sure that your user has the privs to manage FAQ/Premade/etc.
  • I can't see where I can add category... :( 
    In canned answer I have Add new, in FAQ nothing...
  • You do not see this button?

  • I have no Categories in menu, only FAQ and Canned Responses... , :( 
  • Admin panel -> Agents -> your account.
    Click on permissions tab
    Click on Knowledgebase

  • Ok, it is working, (horrible place tu enable this ;)) 

  • Thanks a lot :) 
  • Why is it a horrible place to enable it?  Each agent should or should not be able to manage these things.  Where would you put it?
  • I'm admin/manager, and tough that I can everything ;) 
    Now I thing, it's proper place fot this option, maybe I have bad manners as admin ;) ...

    Regards and thanks a lot again :) 

  • No worries, I was really just curious why you thought it was a bad place.  :)  I'll mark this resolved and close it.  Please feel free to start a new thread if you have another question, comment, feedback, etc.
  • I was mean that FAQ writing e.t.c. are privilege for managers and I looking for this options in departments, I was not associate this privilege with person like a each "clerc" ;) 

    You can close this thread, 
    Thanks again :) 

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