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Agent reply to ticket using Default Email

Using osTicket v1.10.1 (9ae093d) 

I considered the case where the osTicket server say is down. So I logged into the default email and replied putting the default email as cc so that it will be "caught" by osTicket and hopefully update the ticket's history.  The effect was that the ticket history was indeed updated but it said the update was from the customer and not the agent !!  Any help on this would be great.  Thanks.


  • I don't really get what is "logged into the default email" and what a "default email" is.

    In osTicket agents are not able to answer emails for updating the ticket history.
    You have to modify the program code in order to change this behavior.

    The only possibility for agents is to update the ticket history with an internal note.
    Either via webinterface or answering for example the new ticket alert email.

    It is always a good idea to post your system environment from the dashboard
    like it is written in the passage of the "Please read before requesting assistance" post:

    "A great way to get all the software version information is to log into your osTicket and go to Admin Panel -> Dashboard -> Information."

    Then this post is more useful because bugs and program code changes during the difference versions of osticket could have an influence on the behavior. So the "context"/system environment is important. A better information value of the forum post increases the chances to help you better and it could help other people who are reading this post with a similar problem. 

    It's a win win situation ;-)
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