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Call Custom Form 2 from Custom Form 1 base on form 1 drop down selection from a list

I have a custom form (1) I called "Customer Site ID", some customers have more than one location. I want to have OS Ticket call up custom form (2) which is a predefined list of locations for that specific customer ID versus any other in the drop-down list or another workaround solution would be to have the customer be presented with a second drop-down list showing their locations associated with their customer ID. 

Another way to explain this: I have a list I created with a predefined customer ID. Say I was company Acme, if I drop down and select Acme then OS ticket would then ask me which location from another predefined list specifically created for Acme which would allow them to then choose, Chicago, New York, LA, etc. 

Hope this makes sense.



  • The only way to do that currently in the ui is to use Help Topics for the first drop down list, and then have it add a form based on the response.
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