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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Agent Panel->Tickets->Search requieres 8 or + characters to find a user by email or customized filed

Osticket V.10 RC3
when you typing an email address the search field requires more then 8 characters to mach the entry, version 1.9 two or three are enough
Attachment 1.jpg

When you type values used in customized fields in the contact information form (Admin Panel->Manage->Forms->Contact Information) search field is unable to find using this values, basically nothing happens . I added the 'bagde' variable (7 digits only)

Attachment 2.jpg and 3.jpg

A fix applied on user tab works perfectly (User Phone Search #3900

Has someone a fix? This is or UAT environment, we want to migrate from v. 1.9.81 to 1.10 rc3


  • "Osticket V.10 RC3"

    ^ this is not a legitimate version of osTicket.  And if you are actually running an RC (Release Candidate) I would recommend that you upgrade to a stable version immediately and retest.

    I typically type three characters when searching for an email address.
  • Basically I installed the RC because the stable version I downloaded from the official web site get stuck on "Loading ..." when closing a TASK creating inside a ticket. I do not remember when I installed the stable version. I will download the last stable version from the official site again and I will keep you update it.

    Thank you for your prompt answere.
  • Very welcome. Please let us know how you make out.
  • After I downloaded the official stable version osTicket Core V1.10.1  from the issue persists, The cancel and the reset buttons does not work on the New ticket form, users has to click on Open or other link on top to get out form the new ticket form.

    Any patch?
  • I have tried with version 1.10.2 and the issue persists  ...
  • Reset button works fine
  • Pending to return to the ticket list view after you hit the "CANCEL" button. Version 1.9 pops up a window to confirm if you want to leave the page. All 1.10 versions fails, no action, the system keeps in the ticket creation form.
  • 1.10.2 has not been released yet.

    Please see:
    spcifically the JediKev reference.
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