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Forwarded emails partly lost

Osticket 1.10.1
Php 5.6.33
Mysql 5.5.58
Centos 6.9.

Reproducable issue:
Somebody sends an email to a customer of mine or has an email communication with him. This customer forwards this communication to me and writes new text in the forward. The forward goes to my Osticket via the email address.
In Osticket, only the text from the customer is received, the rest of the text (being the forwarded mail and if it's an email communication then all previous emails in that communication) is/are totally gone.

Luckily the email address is still existing so that's how I found out the complete rest of the mail is missing.
I can't remember this happening before in 1.10 or 1.9.x but maybe I'm mistaken or a setting is changed.

How can I fix this so when a customer forwards an email, the complete email and the previous mails present in the forward are not stripped out totally?


  • There is no quick answer to this.  

    How is the person forwarding the email (or perhaps more importantly how is the email client forwarding the email)?  Are they actually hitting forward or are they attaching the email as a .msg?

    If its a .msg have you allowed that for attachments?  Do you allow attachments?  Could the attachment be too big for allowed attachments?

    What is your Admin panel -> Emails -> Settings -> Reply Separator Tag set to and does it match the original email (that would strip any text below it)?

  • Thank you for your quick response Ntozier!

    Since I also get the email at my I can say it's just a simple forward.
    I can read all mail previous mails without having to open any email attachment.

    I do allow attachments at osticket, but it was no attachment. Attachments are working fine. If it were attachment things like simple email's can't reache the allowed size, which is set to 16 MB.

    My Reply Seperator Tag is set to:
    === Boven deze email antwoorden ===

    It's not present in the email send, because it's the first email. Reply seperators are only put there after I made a reply, correct? This forward is the first email which creates the new ticket. The forwarded content is from email communication from customer with his webdesigner directly, not via the Osticket system.

    However, I've just found the setting above the reply seperator:
    "Strip Quoted Reply:" which is enabled.
    It says this at the question mark:
    "If enabled, this will remove preceding correspondence between email communications."

    Could this be the cause of my issue? Should this be disabled the receive contents of forwarded mails?
    Because I thought this would only affect email communication between communication within Osticket.

  • I would disable it and test.
  • Hello.

    I disabled it and tested.
    Now it's displaying the forwards too.

    So this is resolved and can be closed.
    Thank you for the quick help which leaded me to the solution.
    Probably caused by the update to 1.10.1 which changed a lot of settings to default, so I probably missed this one.
  • I'm back.

    The above solution worked, but that was when the user forwarded the mail from his mail client.

    The problem however occurs again if the user makes de forwards the mail via his iphone.
    It's still a simple e-mail forwards, no attachment. I got the original mail to my support address too and it looks just like other forwards.

    Any idea's?
  • Sorry i dont have any ideas...
  • This is a common issue in MacBook Pro. You can take tech support here Apple Support USA
  • Thank you but maybe the user has a MacBook then, I don't.
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