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Emails truncated

I edited this post to say this:

First of all, thanks to the developers for a great (free) ticketing system...

I've searched the forums and can't come up with anything. I've also tried to look through the code a bit. This one has got me.

Most of the time, tickets that were created via email are truncated after the first line. An example would be if the user emailed this..



I can't log into my computer.




When I look at the ticket in the system I see...




osTicket version : 1.6
Mail sending : php
Mail fetch : IMAP
PHP version : 5.3.3
OS : CentOS 6

One thing I have noticed is that they are going into the database this way. If I look at in the tickets table at the actual ticket, it's truncated there, so it's happening on the way in.

Does anyone have a good idea as to what's going on here or seen this before?



  • You may want to upgrade to 1.7ST. If you cannot or do not want to upgrade then there are several posts in this section of the forums that cover this type of bug.
  • Just got through upgrading

    Thanks for your reply. As I write this I've upgraded a few moments ago.

    Note : I suppose people with similar problems described the bug differently, b/c searching for truncated email returned nothing :)
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