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New Ticket Alert template MOD

HI everyone,

I am trying to modify an email template so that you can tell where the ticket came from. We have many locations and the ticket on the console is fine. I can put whatever I like for a field and it will display, not so with the new alert form. Its so generic, name, email and problem. I need to know where it came from! Why cant I have a variable for the address, its not there. Name doesnt work for me neither does the email as the tickets are usually created by users whom use a generic kiosk coming from a generic email address. So if I'm off site all I get is a generic email with limited info. This has to be a very common problem? Otherwise I am very happy with osticket.


  • Your problem description does not appear to make any sense.

    osTicket Email Templates have no forms.
    osTicket Forms are for attaching to tickets or Help Topics or built in forms.

    Q: This has to be a very common problem?
    A: I am not seeing a problem in osTicket.  What I am seeing is that You say you have a form from a kiosk that come from a generic email address.  Change your remote ( non-osTicket) form to include a field or keyword.  Use Ticket Filters to filter them into certain departments or help topics or do something so that you know where it is from.

    Otherwise I have no idea what it is you are trying to ask.
  • OK, Let me try once again. First of all when you get the email alert it comes from and email template. This template has limited info when you receive it. You cant tell what location it came from amongst other things. If you go into the "default" template you can select the option that applies, in my case this is (new ticket alert) In this alert I cannot add a variable thta  is useful in my case like an address, so I can determine where it came from.In variables there seems to be everything but a location or address available. I need to know where it comes from.  
  • If the data does not exist you obv cannot add a variable to a template to be sent to the Agent.

    Go to: Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details.
    Add whatever you want for a location or address field.

    Add the variable you create to your template at Admin panel -> Emails -> Templates. 

  • Yes, exactly, now you are following me. I did think of that because I made a required field (Location) however on the (new ticket alert) I cannot seem to get the variable to appear using %{Location}
  • If you are using %{Location} as your variable.. then you did not read the article I linked.
  • Correct, I havent read it yet. I was just showing you what I did.....reading now
  • Scroll down to "Custom variables, such as those"
  • So if I read that right I should use %{ticket.Location} and it should work?
  • I don't know what you entered into variable field under Admin panel -> manage -> forms -> Ticket Details.  So I cannot confirm that. I do recommend that you use all lowercase though.
  • I created a form field "Location" and it works great and shows up on the console when viewing tickets. I'll change it to lowercase and use the variable %{ticket.location} as previously mentioned. Hopefully it works, that would be most excellent!
  • SCHWEET !!!! it works! Thanks ntozier sir.
  • Every time I see this thread and the name @KennyG
    I have a nearly uncontrollable urge to put on the 10 hour loop of Epic Sax guy from youtube......

  • LOL ^^^^
  • I get that a lot...
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