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Trying to migrate file and file_chunk from one database to another database


I am trying to migrate attachments (and tickets & threads) from DB_1 to DB_2. I wrote basic mysql query to select all the fields from DB_1 and trying to insert into DB_2. I can successfully echo all the data on the page but the insertion doesn't work. 

I am getting the max(id) from file table in DB_2 and inserting the new file_id as max(id) + 1 for file_id field in both attachment and file_chunk tables, since they are not auto-increment fields.

I am new to this, could someone give me some advice?  


  • Hello, 

    Now all the attachment data (from DB_2) have inserted in to DB_1, including `filedata` field in file_chunk table. But when I click on download the file, my Chrome shows "Failed - Server Problem". Anybody knows why? I am guessing directly inserting longBLOB into the database may not work like this?  

  • No idea I've never tried.

    Although im curious why you wouldn't export db1 change the db name in the file and import it to db2.
  • edited February 6
    @ntozier  Could you explain a little bit more about exporting and importing?  

    And by the way, I think I found out the issue. Due to the chunk_size set in class.file.php, the files are stored in chunks of 500KB. That's why it didn't work since I directly selecting filedata from DB_1 and insert into DB_2. Tried a different file smaller than 500 KB and it worked. 

    Is there any problem if I change the "500" in "define('CHUNK_SIZE', 500*1024) " to some bigger number?
  • And when I do a SQL SELECT statement to select the longblob from DB_1 -  file_chunks - filedata, I am only selecting the first 500KB chunk not the whole filedata. Anybody has any idea of how to solve that? Thanks 
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