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Help me - Stale Ticket Alert

How Do I do for to add a message on "Stale Ticket Alert" template?
I tried theses variables below but when I received the ticket alert they did not worked:










  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

  • I tried search similar subject however I didn't find.

    I want that when an agent to receive a stolen alert by e-mail they know what the orignal message.

    I tried to add a variable for that it be showed in the e-mail alert. But the user message didn't apear.

    It follows in the attached image the part where I added the variable.

  • Not all variables are available on all templates... so you might be trying to use one that is not available in the scope of that template.  Presuming your running current table you should be able to use type ahead to see what ones are available.

    You could try %{ticket.thread.lastmessage}
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