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URL under link change the variable and doesn't work

Hi again crew!

I'm working with this distribution:
- CentOS 7.5
- PHP 5.6
- MariaDB 5.5: InnoDB
- Osticket 1.9.9
- Language Pack: Spanish
- No Mods.

I have a issue like this:

I have a predefined answer with a little text and a link

Click <strong><a href=";;lang=es">HERE</a></strong>.<br>

When I save the url in href tag, this changes. The correct url should be this:{ticket.number}&amp;S1H2=%{}&amp;lang=es<br>

So, the link doesn't work.

I saw that this issue was fixed and I test that my class.thread.php is the right version.

How can i solve this?

Thanks in advance.


  • Have you looked at the template in the DB to see if it is correct?

    Edit in the DB directly and I think that you might be good to go.  I think that the WYSIWYG editor is borking it or something.,
  • Mmmmm.... good idea ;)

    I'm going to try and i will come back with the feedback.

    Thanks, one more time, ntozier :)
  • You are good men. Works!

    It isn't a "nice solution" but it's a solution! hahaha

    Thank you very much.
  • Very welcome. :)
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