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Adding Ticket Status Values does not appear in Tickets

HI - 

I am trying to add new status values to tickets.  I edited the Ticket Status in Lists but it made no change to the ticket area.  Waiting for AR Response should have shown up in the Ticket area but did not.

What am I missing?





  • edited February 8
    have you cleared your cache?

    This works in my installation.

    I do note that your ticket is already of the status "Waiting for AR response"
    It does not show the same status that the ticket is in my installtion.

    When I look at a "pending" ticket in my system and click that, it does not display my custom "pending" status since it is already "Pending" and obv cannot change the ticket to that status since it already is.
  • I see the problem now.  As you pointed out, the system does not show incorrect answers.  It is getting more sophisticated every version.

    Rookey mistake.  Thanks for your help!.
  • Very welcome.  

    Should I close this and mark it resolved?
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