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Default Ticket Number Format Variables

Couldn't find it anywhere so apologies if it has already been answered but for the option 'Default Ticket Number Format' Are there any other variables that you can add besides # for a numerical value? 

I'd like to do both alpha and number, just wondering if it's possible.


  • Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets: Default Ticket Number Format, and Default Ticket Number Sequence, and the manage button.
  • That only shows you sequences, not what variables can be used, maybe only # is accepted, but I can't find that anywhere in documentation.
  • as an example, can we generate a random ticket ID of 'e4g-3y6-z2v' ? Using only variables?
  • osTicket does not have variables in its ticket numbers.  you can use numbers and static letters.
  • ok cool, thanks for confirming.
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