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New Installation of OSTicket and some Errors


we´re new to OSTicket and installed a fresh system on the webserver at our provider. The installation proceeded successfully, but after that we have some errors displayed at Agent Panel/ Ticket

We did a standard installation without any language packs.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'InconsistentModelException'
with message 'Unable to prepare query: SELECT A5.`staff_id` AS
`lock__staff_id`, A1.`staff_id` AS `staff_id`, A1.`isoverdue` AS
`isoverdue`, A1.`team_id` AS `team_id`, A1.`ticket_id` AS `ticket_id`,
A1.`number` AS `number`, A3.`subject` AS `cdata__subject`, A7.`address`
AS `user__default_email__address`, A1.`source` AS `source`,
A4.`priority_color` AS `cdata__:priority__priority_color`,
A4.`priority_desc` AS `cdata__:priority__priority_desc`, A1.`status_id`
AS `status_id`, A8.`name` AS `status__name`, A8.`state` AS
`status__state`, A1.`dept_id` AS `dept_id`, B0.`name` AS `dept__name`,
A6.`name` AS `user__name`, A1.`lastupdate` AS `lastupdate`,
A1.`isanswered` AS `isanswered`, B1.`firstname` AS `staff__firstname`,
B1.`lastname` AS `staff__lastname`, B2.`name` AS `team__name`, (SELECT
COUNT(R0.`id`) AS `count` FROM `ost_thread` Q7 JOIN `ost_ticket` Q8 ON
(Q7.`object_type` = 'T' AND Q7.`object_id` = Q8.`ticket_id`) LEFT JOIN
`ost_thread_collaborator` R0 ON (Q7.`id in
/var/home/v16727/www/SERVERNAME/TICKET/include/class.orm.php on line 3134

We also received via email this error codes: DB Error #1176 and DB Error #1146

Hope you can help us with this issue.

Best regards,

Server Information

osTicket Version v1.10.1 (9ae093d) — Up to date

Web Server Software Apache

MySQL Version 5.7.20

PHP Version 5.6.31

moderator's note: edited post to remove some of the html formatting (ntozier)


  • That is not an error that I have seen before (although it is kinda close to one that I saw back in dec 2016 that was related to language packs).  Can you email me your PHP error log to neil at osticket dot com?  I'd like to see what else is being logged.  [oh and link this thread in the body of the email so I know what thread its about!]
  • Hello ntozler,

    did you received our logs?

  • I have not received any emails with logs in them, so I would say no.
  • I sent them to neil at osticket dot com on Feb 15th
  • I'm one of those obsessive compulsive email people who are constantly on email.  I do not have it.

    I just went and checked again, and I do not have any emails with attachments from that day (I also went through and looked at all the emails I got that day... which let me tell you took a while. heh)
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